Sales Call Overhaul

Start recording and transcribing your calls

I mean today. I don’t mean tomorrow or next week. This is something that enables a half-dozen easy structures that you can use once you get the system in place. You’re not going to improve at any reasonable pace if you don’t review. I’ve fallen into this trap many times, and I don’t want you to.

For online meetings: Plug in Fireflies, Fathom, Otter, Grain, or another Zoom assistant type of transcription AI. I’m currently using Otter, and it’s fine. There are trade-offs with all of them so don’t sweat it – just get started. Plenty of options available for Zoom, Teams, and Meet. That covers 95% of us.

For phone calls, I recommend OpenPhone for recording-only, or Dialpad for the best recording+transcription interface I’ve ever seen. (Note: with Dialpad, there are some significant restrictions and registrations to be completed or dealt with before you can send and receive SMS. So I wouldn’t recommend it for SMS.)

Here’s what you can WAY more easily do with recordings – especially if you’re moving ‘founder-fast’ on other issues.

  • Review. What did you screw up on that call? What did you say that you LOVED that you want to remember?
  • CRM notes. How many daughters does your prospect have in gymnastics? When is their dog’s birthday?
  • Briefing in your team easily. Never have confused team ask you about deliverables, because you can share that part of the call with them.
  • Being able to do good follow-up. Never forget your followup items again.
  • Not having to take notes during calls. AI transcription like Fireflies and Grain and Fathom are getting REALLY good at summaries. Or you can dump the WHOLE transcript into ChatGPT and do… basically anything with it.
  • Being able to send gifts effectively. Did they say their address for you, and you didn’t have time to write it down? No problem, you can still send your book.

Seriously. Start recording today.