Sales Call Overhaul

Sales Call Overhaul

This Is Your Opportunity To Stop “Stealing” Buyers’ Time And Start GIVING (And Selling More) In 3 Calls, GUARANTEED!

Get true insight into your sales process, and fix those things which make selling “suck”. Whether it’s a misunderstanding of how your personality fits into sales, issues with your process, or feeling like you’re exploiting your prospects, we’re here to help you make the most of the talents and skills you already possess.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an old-timer or brand-new to the world of selling. Every salesperson has lacked confidence at some point in their journey. What makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful sales people is finding out what’s broken and actually fixing it.

We help our clients fix their broken sales calls and boost their close rate above the BORING industry standard of 14.5% by addressing two key areas:

THE sales CALL

Your sales call, which we’ll analyze in-depth for you. After analysis, we provide detailed notes and coaching on 7 areas of focus.


Your mindset, which dictates whether you’re comfortable selling, and what the best attitude for your personality is.

Hi. I’m Jeremy, and I’m an Overhaulic.

       I’m addicted to helping entrepreneurs in the coaching and consultant space increase their close rates. It’s fun going beyond the BORING industry standard of 14.5%. In the beginning, the addiction was small…

        First, I was a normal salesperson like anyone else. I even hated marketing and sales for the first year in my entrepreneurial journey. After honing my sales craft in the ‘very non-talented’ way, things started to get out of control.

       I became a top salesperson. I became the sales manager of a team that made $1.7mm per month in revenue. I started consulting – and training teams for international businesses like direct-marketing giant Guthy Renker. From there, I became the client success director for Traffic and Funnels. To this day, I STILL do sales coaching with the POD program run by Alex Schlinsky. I realized; after thousands of sales calls, over 15 years of sales coaching, and building over 200 funnels – that I am an Overhaulic.

What could a 15% improvement in your close rate do for your bottom line? Your outlook on life? Your security and relationships? Your plans for your family, or retirement?

It’s as simple as sending in a few call recordings (which you should be doing anyway, as it’s a great way to improve on your own), and following through our simple program. And if your close rates don’t improve, you’ve lost nothing, as we’ll not only refund you, but you’re welcome to keep everything we send you, and use it as you wish! You literally come out winning, just by showing up and taking advantage of our offer.

Simply click below, fill out the form, and let’s get started!