Sales Call Overhaul

This Is Your Opportunity To Stop “Stealing” Buyers’ Time And Start GIVING (And Selling More) In Just 21 Days, GUARANTEED!

Get true insight into your sales process, and fix those things which make selling “suck”. Whether it’s a misunderstanding of how your personality fits into sales, issues with your process, or feeling like you’re exploiting your prospects, we’re here to help you make the most of the talents and skills you already possess.

Whether you’re an old-timer, or new to sales, we’ve all had times when we lacked confidence. Maybe we didn’t trust that the product was good. Maybe the company wasn’t very good at delivering their services. Maybe we knew of logistics or manufacturing issues. That’s normal, and happens to everyone.

Your strengths, weaknesses, hopes and dreams, fears and anxieties can be resolved by addressing two key areas:

sales process

Your sales process, which we’ll analyze in-depth for you, and provide detailed notes on 9 areas of focus.


Your mindset, which dictates whether you’re comfortable selling, and what the best attitude for your personality is.

Analyzing your sales process consists of several steps.

Step One

You send us three recordings of your sales calls (each one week apart) – ideally ones where you know something went wrong, but can’t put your finger on it.

Step Two

We then listen to them, transcribe them, timestamp them for reference.

Step Three

Next, we take our time scoring your call on 9 different dimensions, and prepare detailed notes on each part of the call.

Step Four

Then we prepare a summary for your reference, and a list of ‘quick fixes’. Additionally, we’ll find 3 key areas which you’ll find the easiest to leverage for best improvement.

Step Five

Each call will also include a “Salvage Estimate”, which is our estimate of whether you will be able to call back and close that buyer by fixing the issues present in your recording.

Step Six

We then package all of this up and send you a reference manual – you can use it for future calls, and for training your team!

Additionally, between the call recording reviews, we include two calls with a mindset coach, who’ll help you fix the stuff that’s DIFFICULT to change.

And unlike other sales training programs, we take a deep holistic approach to improvement. We score each call on nine different dimensions, which allows us to fine-tune and point out areas for improvement that others might miss.

The nine areas we assess are:

This is far beyond anything on the market, with the sole explicit goal of making your experience selling things better.

"Because when you’re confident that you’re making a positive difference, you enjoy selling. And when you enjoy selling, you sell more."

All of this is backed with our money back, triple guarantee:

If you use the proper mindset and techniques, and don’t improve your closing rate by at least 15% within 2 weeks, we’ll cheerfully return your money.

A full-blown manual not just tailored, but written from scratch specifically to address the areas YOU can improve,

TWO Mindset Coaching sessions to help you change the most difficult things about selling (attitude, habits, outlook, perspective)

If you’re feeling frustrated because you have to sell, but you don’t want it to feel like a chore, click the link below. You’ll be taken straight to check-out.

Upon payment, you’ll arrive on our internal page for uploading your call recordings, so we can get started right away! Your first call review will arrive within a week (5 business days), and in the meantime we’ll contact you to schedule your mindset coaching appointments with one of our high-ticket closers.

PS. A quote widely misattributed to Albert Einstein says, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” If you keep on doing what you’ve done so far, you’ll find yourself in the same place next month. The world is harsh, and doesn’t stop… why should you? With our unbreakable guarantee, we’d like to help you achieve new heights, both in business, and in life.

What could a 15% improvement in your close do for your bottom line? Your outlook on life? Your security and relationships? Your plans for your family, or retirement?

It’s as simple as sending in a few call recordings (which you should be doing anyway, as it’s a great way to improve on your own), and following through our simple program. And if your close rates don’t improve, you’ve lost nothing, as we’ll not only refund you, but you’re welcome to keep everything we send you, and use it as you wish! You literally come out winning, just by showing up and taking advantage of our offer.

Simply click below, fill out the form, and let’s get started!

PPS. To recap, you’re getting

THREE sales call reviews on NINE different aspects of your process, so you get a deep, holistic understanding of how you’re selling, and how that impacts your prospects

A full-blown manual not just tailored, but written from scratch specifically to address the areas YOU can improve,

TWO Mindset Coaching sessions to help you change the most difficult things about selling (attitude, habits, outlook, perspective)