Sales Call Overhaul

Sales Team in a Day

Your one-day* solution to hiring, managing, and coaching your sales team

* In actuality, depending on your needs, we offer up to three days of training, coaching and consulting** in this package – at varying price-points.

** That’s in addition to all the offerings before and after our actual meeting date(s).

The obvious solution is to hire someone to sell for you…

But how do you do that?

Trial and error can succeed… but do you really want the headache of qualifying, testing, coaching and training new salespeople until you find the right one?

Sales Team in a Day is the one-stop solution to all these problems.

In just a day I’ll take you through all the elements you should have in place to seamlessly introduce a sales team into your business.

And while the core program consists of a day-long meeting to address the key elements, it really starts as soon as you’re ready.

Our meeting itself will happen on a Friday or Saturday. It’ll be intense.

It’s a lot, but this covers all of your bases. This way, you can have absolute confidence and clarity on what’s happening in your business, what processes are in place, and what every person involved is responsible for.

And afterward, you get more support for the following 4 weeks!