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Stop Complimenting Your Prospects

Complimenting your prospect isn’t inherently the ‘wrong thing to do.’

It’s just wildly ineffective FOR MAKING SALES.

Here’s a time when complimenting this salesperson’s prospect worked against her, instead of helping her achieve his goal.

Storytime: She was on the phone with the prospect, and they were talking about the prospect’s offer.

The prospect said that he was looking to scale his business up, they just had a problem with consistent lead flow.

He went ahead and talked about how much he was selling his offer for, and that he had validated it at $10k for 90 days.

IMMEDIATELY the salesperson was gushing at this.

“I love that you took the time to learn how to validate your offer at a higher price. I usually talk to people who are stuck charging around the $3,500 mark for this kind of thing. I’m really glad you absorbed that knowledge because it’s going to pay off for you. I’m very impressed.”

She’s being nice and all, but she missed a HUGE opportunity to paint a picture of working together using the same language that HE used on the call. (She didn’t make the sale, of course. This dynamic played out twice more on the call and killed a lot of momentum.)

Here’s how that could have gone differently: “I like that you have a higher price point, that will give us some interesting marketing possibilities for SCALING if we work together.”

See the difference?

The first one was JUST compliments. It gave power to the prospect’s current situation, which isn’t ideal for him. He’s currently feeling a LITTLE of the pleasure of building, but he could have been fully IMMERSED in the vision of growth.

The second one takes that energy and focuses it at the future of working together. This statement also weaponizes an important word that the prospect used earlier in the call.

This prospect wanted to SCALE. So bonus points are awarded for talking about that desire and relating it to your offer.

Although both examples are compliments, the second one is by FAR more powerful.

It paints the picture of you being able to give him exactly what he wants. The sales person builds a lot of leverage with that SIMPLE frame shift.

Here’s the thing…Complimenting your prospect is FINE, but there’s often times no point in it.

Don’t get confused or let your sales team think that complimenting a prospect’s existing situation is going to help make the sale.

If anything, I’ve seen it do the opposite. Prospects get comfortable thinking they are on the right path, and your team could create an objection for themselves later down the road.

We are here to solve problems, not shower people with niceties.

You notice this happening to you or your team? Reach out, I could give you some advice on this sort of thing, or really anywhere you might be having constraints.

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Jeremy Pope

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