Sales Call Overhaul

Fix those things which make selling "suck"

Boost your close rate above the BORING industry standard of 14.5%

We help our clients fix their broken sales calls and boost their close rate above the BORING industry standard of 14.5% by addressing two key areas:

THE sales CALL

Your sales call, which we’ll analyze in-depth for you. After analysis, we provide detailed notes and coaching on 7 areas of focus.


Your mindset, which dictates whether you’re comfortable selling, and what the best attitude for your personality is.







Upon payment, you’ll get instructions for uploading your first call recording, so we can get started right away!

Your first call review will arrive within 5 business days and, if you select the Gold package, we’ll contact you to schedule your mindset coaching appointments with one of our experts.

If you use the proper mindset and techniques, and don’t improve your closing rate by at least 15% within 2 weeks, we’ll cheerfully return your money.

It’s pretty simple! We’ve written a quick set of instructions on how to record your sales calls, and after you sign up you’ll get an email with the steps to share the recording(s) with us.

Sure do! Contact us to discuss further.