How Would You Like at LEAST  
10% Increase in Sales - Guaranteed?

You've made it this far because you KNOW some big improvements are waiting for you in the sales calls you or your team is conducting.

... and the answer is NOT in more sales training.

Who is a Sales Call Overhaul For?

Business owners, coaches, and sales people who realize they:

  • * Struggle with inconsistent results, not knowing why some calls result in sales and others do not
  • * Argue with prospects too often about price, or are uncertain about the right moment when certain information should be revealed, value justification, and other key issues
  • * Are disappointed with failed sales calls that are over too quickly
  • * Stumble again and again at one place, on one topic, and during one phase of sales
  • * Could see a huge benefit from increasing their close rate by 10% (or more) in a short time

And of course, you must be recording your calls so you have one to submit.

Why Should You Get a Sales Call Overhaul?

More sales training is not the answer. Adding things to the mix without handling the problems you have with the techniques you're using now will only confuse you further. A Sales Call Overhaul gives you priceless feedback on your - or your sales team member's - own behavior. Contrast this with theoretical, non-specific advice from a trainer and you'll instantly see why a Sales Call Overhaul is much more effective.

You won't figure this out on your own. We don't know what we don't know. That means the answer isn't going to suddenly pop up in front of you. You need expertise to show you what changes to make to your own behaviors. 

This is the road to increased conversions and sales success.

Getting a Sales Call Overhaul will make life so much easier for you or your salesperson! Instead of groping for solutions and guessing at what will work, you'll get fast, simple-to-follow feedback you can start implementing right away to increase your sales by 10% or more. 

What Will the Sales Call Overhaul Help You Do?

We'll show you improvement you could make on your specific call in nine key areas: 

1. We transcribe, timestamp, and redact the transcript for reference and training.

2. We listen to and read the calls, giving detailed notes on nine ‚Äčareas of focus:
- Trap Phrases
- Emotional Horsepower
- Misfires
- Framing and Psychology
- Tone Fit
- Grinding Gears
- Objection Catalyst
- Structural Audit
- Rapport

3. We give the concepts - the reasons WHY we focus on those areas. 

4. We score the call and give a summary and overall impressions.

5. We go over "quick fixes" which will give you easy wins. 

6. We explain your 3 key areas of highest and fastest leverage for improvement

7. We give a "salvage estimate" of THIS call itself

8. We package it all up and send you a Reference Manual you can use for all your future calls and for training your team. 

With these recommendations in hand, you'll be able to put into action exactly the right things to raise your conversion rate by 10% or more within a very short period of time. 

You'll also have a personalized sales manual for anyone conducting similar calls to follow.

So get your Sales Call Overhaul booked now - pick the option which suits your situation best (Note: it makes more sense to get several SCOs, as you can do a "Before" and "After" comparison to see how well you're improving) and get started!

Which Option Works Best For You?

One Call

One Call Review
Sales Reference Manual


Two Calls
‚Äč(Most Popular)

One Call Review
Multi-Call Sales Reference Manual


Four Calls

Four Calls Reviewed
Multi-Call Sales Reference Manual
Trend Reporting


Our "10% Closing Improvement" 
Money-Back Guarantee

"We KNOW that our 40,000+ sales call reviews done over the last decade allow us to give spot-on, proven advice which will dramatically improve your sales performance.

Which is why we guarantee that, in the likely case you purchase a Sales Call Overhaul and implement exactly what we suggest and DON'T see an at least 10% increase in sales conversions after using our method for five sales calls,  we'll refund your full investment. We simply cannot be any fairer than that."

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