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ROI-Based Selling is LAZY Selling. How to Fix Your Broken Close Rate by DITCHING the ROI-Based Process

If your big selling point is to just get an “ROI” for your client, then you better stick around and listen to this. It’s a better way to frame your sales calls. (If you want a better long-term relationship with your clients that is.)

I just remembered a coaching call back in March with a young and hungry entrepreneur. Let’s call him Doug. Doug is doing about $200k/month in his business, and hitting a couple roadblocks.

Doug had JUST transitioned into a newer niche and was having problems with competition.

“People aren’t buying into the new offer as much. Before switching, we had one call closes constantly.

I want to be more profitable. I keep losing business to this other firm I think?

I thought my offer was really good, but something isn’t sticking..

I’ve got a few competitors who are doing it cheaper.

It must be the offer.. I want my offer to be such a no-brainer, that they don’t have to go somewhere else.”

Doug was obviously frustrated, and who can blame him?

If you’ve done consulting or coaching for any length of time, then you’ll know that business owners THINK they have the problem nailed down, but it’s something else entirely.

Doug came to me for help on his offer in the new niche, but after we dug into it, we found we have another problem altogether.

A SALES problem.

Typically, when I find someone is having a hard time holding their price with competition, it’s due to the lazy man’s way of ROI-based selling.

To most people, ROI selling makes sense right? (Example) “I’ll get you $10,000/mo in business for $5,000.”

Selling money is EASY. All you have to do is hold true to your end of the bargain, and make sure the prospect believes you.

This can cause a whole slew of problems though, and this is what Doug was seeing.

What about the prospect who was burned by other marketers?

What about the prospect who has a hard time believing in you/themselves?

What about the prospect who has mindset issues that may need to be dealt with before they can move forward and have real success with you?

These people won’t make it off the sales call with confidence, so they won’t buy or they’ll leave quickly after signing on.

For the people that you do end up having as clients, they will ALWAYS have a bad month or two at some point. When that happens, alarm bells go off in their heads.

If the client isn’t satisfied or doesn’t understand the right timeframe in mind for when results start coming in, then they hop to the next offer.

They bounce around like a pinball in the machine. They never get the help they need, and thus they’re DEFINITELY not growing with YOU.

This type of selling gets you KILLED on the backend, which is where the gold and excitement should be!

You might be thinking… “Okay okay… I get it, ROI-based selling sucks, so what do I do?”

I have a framework for this that I love to teach my clients called ‘The Triple Transparent Close.’

It gets to the root of the REAL problems your prospect is facing and hits on potential mindset issues they may have while on the call.

It gets them to buy into the idea of working with you BEFORE they actually work with you!

Usually, I save this stuff for my clients, but today I’m feeling extra generous.

So, I’ll share the second part of the frame with you today.I hope it really brings home the difference between lazy ROI-based selling and the selling you SHOULD be doing.

(I mean if you want to avoid all the problems Doug was facing.)

So here it is!

Return on Solution/Vision For The Future

You want to dig in deeper with your questions towards the beginning of the call. You want to find out what success looks like to the prospect.

What are they trying to get out of all this? Why is it important?

Next time you’re on a call with your prospect, try something like this. (This is called the Dan Sullivan Question.)

“You got on the phone with us today. Sometimes people get on the phone with us because they want leads, but I want to know a little bit more than that. Can you pretend with me for just a minute here?” (Wait for the answer.)

“Okay, let’s pretend it’s a year from now, and we are celebrating our WILD success together over a glass of champagne. What has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to be 100% happy with the way things worked out?” (Pause)

Does this sound like ROI-based selling? Certainly not.

From here, you can get a real ’emotional buy-in’ from them over the phone. You can hear their real goals. You can spot potential mindset issues.

You can find out what it is they are expecting from you, and it opens the call up to be more educational about what it is you can REALLY do.

It brings the transparency in, opens them up to being taught from you, builds MASSIVE rapport, and associates positive feelings to working with you in one neat package.

This simple question is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Return on Solution based selling, and using this framework alone helped Doug have a massive shift that solved his ‘offer problem.’

I’m thinking about doing a training on the Triple Transparent Close, and opening it up to those of you I haven’t had as clients.

If you’re interested in improving your client LTV AND increasing your close rate at the same time, then let me know hereby saying one of these! X, Y, Z, ABC, Eureka

Chat soon,

-Jeremy ‘triple transparent’ Pope

Jeremy Pope

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